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Are You Ready?

Can you envision it?

Is it possible?

Do you have what it takes?

Have others done it?

Where can you begin?

Some agree you begin with a thought. An idea. You form a mental image. A picture. With a strong desire to obtain it. You then say it out loud. You utter it. Express it - if not to someone else, to yourself. Perhaps in front of a mirror. And with strong conviction. Maybe in writing. You will do this repeatedly.

Others, on the other hand say, asking for help is how you start. Talking to a counselor or an expert. Someone who has already achieved it. Or perhaps, reading a few how-to books.

Which of these do you think is the best method to start? Which of these methods is best for you? Which will you choose? You may be wondering what on earth am I referring to when I say “start” Well, read on and you’ll find out.

It’s true they’re both good places to start. But the fact of the matter is you may still need to ask yourself a few more questions before you come to a decision and a date to start.

What will you do differently? How long will you give yourself? What will you Not do? And here it is! Here is what I am referring to . . . . . How will you start the journey toward becoming the person you’ve been wanting to become more than anything else, inside and out - for years?


That’s it! YOU make the choice. It’s that simple. You either say Yes, or No. Green light or Red light. Yellow light will keep you on the hamster wheel. It’s black or white. Gray will keep you in a haze. You either choose a healthier, more energetic, younger version of Yourself, or an unfulfilled, pain-ridden, mentally and physically exhausted and depressed You. One who has given up, or one who will push onward with strength and good discipline and excitement! Yes, with thriving in mind! Only YOU can make it happen!

True, the end of another year is here with the beginning of a new one on your first right ahead. Everyone agrees, the year did fly by quickly. We can’t believe it, but it’s true. And you now have another chance to start fresh. But this time, it’s going to be different. This time you are more determined than ever to reach your goal - becoming the True Healthy You you’ve been chasing for years. The one you know you can become.

Many things have changed in your life. You’re older and wiser. You now have a plan. You will do it consistently. It is written down in ink, with both your signature and the signatures of two witnesses who will serve as your accountability partners. Good job!

You’ve covered all the bases. You’ve picked the stores you'll do your grocery shopping. You’ve mapped out the new routes you will be taking to avoid stores that have the tempting foods that pull at your weaknesses and addictions. You’ve purchased some tools of the trade to make it easier to succeed. You have your Nutri-bullet, your blender, your stainless steel pots and pans. You’ve thrown out old kitchen tools that don’t serve you anymore. You have weekly menu options to make it easier to go shopping. You have your gym membership, and you know which podcasts you’ll listen to and blogs you’ll read.

Lastly, you’ve decided on a life coach, a health coach, or nutrition counselor to keep you on track. You are convinced that only YOU can make a difference by doing the hard work. Wonderful! Congratulations!! You have good reasons to be proud of yourself!

You’ve done research on what is the role of a health coach too, and found that their role depends on a number of things. (1) your particular health and wellness needs or goals, (2) whether or not you have a serious medical problem or a chronic condition, and (3) whether you want something quick, or are willing to slowly uncover the roots of your body’s aches and pains, or why you feel tired all the time.

You know that the level of engagement and honesty you bring to the table, will or will not contribute greatly to your final outcome. You no doubt have learned that the level of progress you make is in direct measure to the commitment you bring to this relationship, and journey.

May it be transformational - to the MAX!


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