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About Us

We all have an innate desire for growth, right? That is why we are curious, ask questions, and want to improve one thing or the other as we travel through life and enter our various ages and stages.  However, interrupters in the form of early life traumas, and the everyday stresses to keep up with the information-overloaded life we live, bring many of us into a state of being stuck in a maze-like prison from which we can’t seem to escape.

Sometimes we need help from an outside source for a transformation journey to begin. This is where The AHL Center comes in.  Not everyone is a scientist, doctor, or researcher. Not everyone likes reading, studying, or school.  Not everyone has the time, the means, or knows where to start, but we all would like to become better and have fun doing it.

Each one of us has a child within us seeking to discover, play, laugh, and have fun.  We want you to get in touch with that curious child through fun, interactive, attention-grabbing workshops and healthy living presentations that will direct participants toward positive lifestyle choices.

Dorothy wanted to go into retirement healthier.  She agreed to start a healthy living journey with me and she set the goal of losing 80 pounds. In 6 months she lost 40 pounds, her doctor reduced her blood pressure meds, and she loved the before and after photos.  It wasn't easy but with hard work and perseverance she succeeded.  The right tools are essential in meeting health goals. Working with a health advisor allowed her to use these new tools and begin changing her eating habits to ones that were conducive to better health through conscious food choices. 

It all started with a conversation.  Let's start a conversation!

Since early childhood, Amy’s challenge was eating healthier. Deep inside she wanted to start a process of transformation. She received an invitation email to one of our initial programs and responded affirmatively. This is what she shared after working with us. 


"I truly appreciate the time and effort you have invested in my well-being, and I want to assure you that I have benefited from our sessions. Your professionalism, understanding, and guidance have been invaluable to me, and I am grateful for the progress I have made under your care".

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