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Absolutely Healthy Living Center

Absolutely Healthy Living Center’s Marta Irene of Shelton will be joining "Our Breakfast Club" on Thursday, February 11th zoom. She created the Absolutely Healthy Living Center after becoming passionate about health, because she faced health challenges that made it difficult for her to function. After extensive research, and with the help of extraordinary alternative healing practitioners, her healing process was absolutely AMAZING.

Sometimes we need help from an outside source for a transformation journey to begin. Not everyone is a scientist, doctor, or researcher. Not everyone likes reading, studying, or school. Not everyone has the time, the means, or knows where to start, but we all like having fun.”

Each one of us has a child within us seeking to play, laugh, and have fun. We want you to get in touch with that child through fun, interactive, and attention grabbing workshops and healthy living presentations that will direct participants toward positive lifestyle choices.”

We'll see you on Thursday, February 11th.

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