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The "Being Better" Meter

Outer Order Inner Calm is a book written by Gretchen Rubin that inspired me to write about “Being Better” this month.

In the past 20 years, I’ve learned much about order and decluttering. This has advanced the needle in my Being Better” meter 1000%. As I look back, I had an inner desire of wanting to be better, do better, be more, and give more - to be happier. But, I did not become aware of it until later in life. And, I certainly did not make a connection between a cluttered and disordered life and “being happier”.

Once I discovered that, “Being Better” became my life’s quest. And, I have found much peace and happiness knowing I continue to be better and do better every day. It is an ongoing effort, of course, because there is always room for more growth, improvement, and order as we travel through life.

Do you have a life’s quest? Do you aspire to BE better, DO better, BE more, and GIVE more - to reach “Happier”? Then, you need to get a “Being Better” meter at the nearest Home Depot in April because that’s when they go on sale! Once you get one, all you have to do is hit the “Start” switch and begin“bettering"! (As you may have figured out, there is no such meter, or sale at Home Depot, of course. But, I’m trying to use humor to make a point here.

Why April? Well, let’s explore this a little.

The weather is warmer in April. Creation itself is undergoing an amazing colorful transformation. There is blooming and blossoming going on in all directions. Signs of life and rebirthing appear everywhere. Birds display their flying skills and gliding tricks. They tweet, chirp, sing, and even squawk, as they twitter about, building their nests.

Insects crawl out of their secret hiding places always busy working the terrain by pollinating, pest controlling, and decomposing; while we humans experience an inner burst of energy and excitement, now that the days are longer, which leads us to start projects, work outside, or visit interesting places.

For those reasons - and more - April is the month to hit “Start” and move that “Being Better” dial up a few notches.

Last year, in April, I posted Heal and Grow Rich. It was the most fun I had writing an article since I started blogging a few years earlier because, by an interesting and accidental coincidence, I ended up recording my first podcast segment. In it, I talk about Healing Habits and other habits, which have helped me along, as I discovered how much I really wanted to be better, do better, be more, and give more - to reach “Happier”.

I hope you too can start thinking along the lines of “Being Better” and start a transformation in the next 12 months. You can start by reading Outer Order Inner Calm and learn how decluttering your life on the outside leads to inner calm.

But, I want to say this. Even though the first thing that usually comes to mind when we talk of decluttering are piles of papers, dishes, or clothing in our home, office, basement, or kitchen counter, the truth is that, at times, decluttering has to start on the inside - inside our minds - for order to be reflected on the outside. And, yes, this can be a little confusing, but, a mindset shift is sometimes what it takes before getting to the actual physical decluttering process. Read more about mind decluttering here:

An article in Psychology Today says . . .

“Clutter doesn’t have to be just physical items in your environment. A cluttered mind can include:

  • Ruminating

  • Focusing on the negative

  • Worrying about things outside of your control

  • Holding onto negative emotions and experiences, including resentment, past hurt, anger, and sadness

  • Keeping a mental to-do list, including incomplete dreams and goals

  • Having external distractions and constant sensory input

When your mind is cluttered, it wastes your time and mental energy. It also creates mental confusion, distraction, and disorganization that prevents you from creating clear priorities, making decisions, having focus, and being productive. When your mind is cluttered, you are not present, which causes you to lose connection to yourself, your environment, your relationships, and the moment you are in.”

If you want to let go of the mental habits that are keeping you from reaching your full potential, start building mental muscles and become intentional about where you place your attention and how you spend your time and energy. Doing that, you can unravel unhealthy thinking patterns that are keeping you stuck and your mind cluttered, as the article in Psychology Today states.

I’d be curious to know where your “Being Better Meter” points to once you decide to take on a “Being Better” challenge! I So hope you do! And . . . I hope it points directly to “Happier”.


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