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Celebrating 20+ Years

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A Center for Natural Healing
& Personal Growth

Picture yourself as a tree. You have a number of branches full of leaves that make up who you are. You also have a trunk that steadies you, and roots that spread deep into the soil where nourishment is absorbed. They are all facets and expressions of the whole. That whole person is The Unique You. 


At Absolutely Healthy Living Center we focus on three branches, and the heart of them all - the soil.


Feeling comfortable in your own body and being confident in how it performs is what many want in life. How you FEED IT is crucial.  There is much you can do to gain optimal health and wellness and enjoy your body functions (not to mention what it can do for you spiritually, and in your overall mood). Understanding how each body part is inter-connected, will help you marvel at its design and build respect for it, seeing it as a whole-holistically. 


Mental and emotional wellness along with clarity is our aim. Healing past trauma can pave the way to creating a better future. Talking is one of the best forms of therapy.  And, changing your inner language can improve your relationship with food and those you love and work with.  A paradigm or mindset shift starts you on a journey of a lifetime so you can experience living life in color.  It CAN change everything. Let's get there faster.


The research connecting Lifestyle Medicine and chronic diseases is huge!  Healthy habits and routines are improving the quality of life for many. You can be among these. Start changing your mind and your thinking, and then reflect it in everyday life, whether nutritionally, educationally, financially, in relationships, or physiologically. The good news is that you have ALL that it takes to improve these areas in life. We can help you reset your life by setting successful guidelines.

Choose a Healthy Life

Whatever your future health goals may be, AHLC is a place to help nurture and support YOU in achieving them.


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Marta Irene

Dr. Soalt

Founder, Nutrition Counselor, Electrologist

Naturopathic Doctor



CEA, Chief Executive Administrator

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500 Howe Avenue, Suite 201
Shelton, CT 06484


Telephone: 203-913-1189

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10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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