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The Cemetery Was My Fork in the Road

Do you have a compelling story? Or perhaps a compelling reason for taking a certain course of action in your life?

Then you’ll be happy to know that it is the first thing needed for a healthy transformation to take place. Please read on.

She was 4 feet 9 inches tall. When looking at her from afar, you could not help but notice her thinning hair, the bags underneath her eyes, and her swollen figure.

A medium pillbox was the centerpiece of her living room table most of the time. She was very careful organizing it in a way that would work best for her. She took 22 meds daily, if not more.

She was mostly homebound except for the occasional outings to church, the doctor’s office, hospitals, and in the very last days, the nursing home.

An oxygen tank accompanied her wherever she went. But in spite of it all, she had a cheerful disposition. And, she had another great thing going for her - her loving husband and companion of many years.

The year was 1994. I was on a business trip and had just entered the hotel suite. I remember the unforgettable phone call. It was my 18-year old son. “Hi honey”! “Is everything ok”? There was a brief pause. “No, mom, you need to come home right away”! “Wella”, (Spanish for Grand Ma) “died last night”.

After the initial shock and tears that come with the totally unexpected message that someone you love has died, I managed to get control of myself and pick up my belongings for the flight back home.

At the cemetery, when they lowered my mother’s casket to the ground, a question popped up. Would this be my future reality? Or, would I stop the cycle of ill health in my family? My mother had just turned 59 years old.

This sad event started my healthy living journey and eventual lifestyle transformation.

I now help those who are ready, start their own transformational journey and navigate through the sea of information, diseases, opinions, and their own overwhelm, by travelling that road alongside them and getting to the other side - the healthy living side of life.

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