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Let's Paint A Different Picture

The group leader had us close our eyes and envision a 70-year old man.

He proceeded to guide us along with questions. How does this man look? What does he feel like when he gets up in the morning? What activities does he engage in? Who, and what does he think about, or care about? How does he dress? What foods does he eat? Who are his friends?

All the while we are painting a mind-picture of a man according to our various perceptions of what a 70-year old male might look like, or resemble.

He then has us open our eyes and look toward the platform of the giant stadium holding over a thousand people and asked, “Is this what you envisioned a 70-year old person looking like?” You can hear an audible gasp from the audience, in the other wise silent room, as we all look in dismay at the sight before us. It was unbelievable!

Do you believe in miracles? The miracles I’m referring to are Body Miracles - healthy bodies; straight bodies; commanding bodies; bodies that were designed to move swiftly, elegantly, quickly, and most certainly with good form, and posture.

Would you dismiss the idea - or the possibility - of having such a physique? Most people do not believe the amazing ability their unique bodies have to be transformed into healthy, robust, sleek, fluid machines that can truly be called a miracle on feet-like wheels.

But, let’s take a moment and look above and beyond the outer shell of the 70-year old gentleman introduced earlier. Let’s think of the wonderful internal workings of the organs and systems that make up this body. And let’s be curious about how it was cared for.

Let’s wonder about how it was fed and nurtured. And, “Is it possible for me to look like that?” Let’s think outside the box, and contemplate a new paradigm. Why not step outside of our comfort zone? Finally, let us look outside our unhealthy, deteriorating shell, and paint a different picture.

Are you ready for a BODY (paradigm) SHIFT?


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