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Will The Real Healer Please Stand Up!

To Tell the Truth is an American television panel game show in which four celebrity panelists are presented with three contestants they must identify as the "central character". The contestants’ unusual occupation or experience is read out loud by the show's moderator, or host. When the celebrity panelists question the contestants, the two "impostor contestants" are permitted to lie whereas the "central character" has to tell the truth. I loved this show!

But, what does it have to do with healing? Let’s see.

We all get ill from time to time and we turn to our doctors to help us heal. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the answers, and often we end up with prescriptions and procedures that could have been avoided. What if I were to tell you there is a way we can contribute to our own healing. What if I could share with you the answer to who the REAL healer may truly be.

There is a partner in healing that most have not met. That partner has been kept in the shadows for a very long time, and stands invisible right before you. This healing partner is non-other than You, yourself.

Yes, We can be our best healer; We can be our best Doctor; and We can be our best health Advocate because We live in our body- e v e r y - s i n g l e - d a y. We feel the symptoms, the pain, and the disappointment when experts don’t have an answer.

Every day, we are programmed, conditioned, and brainwashed by the extensive media surrounding us, and the strong propaganda of multi-million dollar industries that benefit in the trillions. Unknowingly, we believe the lies these mediums use to convince us, just like the so-called “imposters” did on the show To Tell The Truth, when they were allowed to lie to the celebrity panelists.

For example we are told that another person, better and higher than we ourselves, is our best caretaker. Constant, repetitive, persuasive, subtle propaganda tells us that one pill, one needle, one vaccine, a new drug, or a surgical procedure will do the healing trick.

As a result of these subtle - and not so subtle - messages being aimed at our subconscious minds day in and day out, many of us are in the dark as to the power our body possesses to wonderfully heal itself.

We would do well to keep in mind this “truth”. The Body does not lie - like the “central character” in the above popular game show To Tell The Truth did not lie and always told the truth about his/her character or occupation. Yes, our bodies were designed "to tell the truth" of our pain, discomforts and dis-ease. We need to learn its language.

There’s a sad reality we need to accept. And it is that millions today are extremely ill and dependent on a system that cannot adequately give them the care they require. This system of care is so clogged up that many who are making high annual contributions to their healthcare plans are not receiving the care they desperately need.

Let’s tell the truth.

How beneficial it would be if those millions were instead told the truth about the self-healing capability of their body. How it is equipped with all the internal tools and widgets needed for repairing, restoring, rejuvenating and self-detoxing to take place, optimally.

What amazing results would be reaped when they truly learn how to choose clean, high energy, and less toxic foods and nutrients that have the power to transform into robust shields inside their bodies, fighting illness and disease like the superheroes we watch on TV.

How gratifying it would be when they experience the healing from another intelligent source – the Body’s own intelligence – and finally find out who the Real healer is.

It’s time “to tell the truth” about the amazing healing partner You, yourself are. So . . .

“Will The Real Healer Please Stand Up Now”!

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