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My Very Hairy Heritage



1. covered with hair, especially thick or long hair. 2.alarming and difficult.



property that is or may be inherited; an inheritance



an amount of money or property left to someone in a will.



a person, thing, or circumstance causing inconvenience or annoyance.



a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand.

As a woman you may have never thought of excessive facial hair as property that is inherited. Let alone a legacy left to you in a will by your mother, grandmother, great grandmother, or even that favorite auntie. But please be assured, excessive facial hair runs deep in a woman’s DNA. It may be lying dormant in your genes.

Many women view it as a nuisance, and an alarming and difficult road to travel. Perhaps you view it as a curse for being born a woman or, a “not so funny” joke by Mother Nature. Your doctor may have put a label on it – Hirsutism, Cushing’s Syndrome or PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).

In any event, whether or not you suffer from a “hairy little secret” today, one fact is very clear. If you are a woman, you WILL eventually come face to face with this female reality I call an enigma - at some point in your life. It could happen when you reach puberty, or perhaps at age 30, or anywhere between 40 and 60. This “hairy little secret” is very puzzling but has a global reach. And, in case you were not aware of it, it is an Equal Opportunity “Little Secret”. Women of all sizes, colors, ethnicities, and languages the world over are its target.

As we grow up, we become aware of the differences between men and women‘s facial hair. Men grow beards, women don’t. Men shave, women don’t. Right? - Well, yes and no. True story. When I was 10 years old I came face to face with this conundrum. I was happily skipping about one day when I walked in on my mother in front of the bathroom mirror shaving her face. My head did a double take and my eyes rolled to the right and then to the left as confusion took over because of what I saw. I quickly looked the other way, asking no questions, and continued on my merry way as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened. Yes, the “Secret” begins.

Many years pass, and one day I looked closely in the mirror and noticed a darker upper lip area. I was alarmed, needless to say. More time went by and, while looking at a family photograph of myself, I noticed the same dark shadow above my lip. I started to feel self-conscious due to my very own personal “little secret” from that day on. I now knew exactly why my mother shaved her face every time she went out (the enigma begins to be clear). Women’s facial hair changes as time passes. It grows darker, thicker and faster. So, yes, unfortunately, many women also shave.

But women are such creative geniuses when it comes to removing facial hair. They don’t start off shaving right away. They exhaust all other possibilities before facing that dreaded “first shave”. They use depilatory creams, bleaching creams, or go to waxing and threading salons - for years! But the all-time favorite method women use to remove facial hair is plucking. Yes, tweezing is what brings the most satisfaction because it’s the quickest and the most convenient of all methods.

Why? Because women can tweeze ANYWHERE! Let’s see, women can tweeze in their cars, in the bathtub, while they are waiting, or attending a special event. They can tweeze while babysitting or at the park. As a matter of fact anywhere there is a mirror or a glass-reflective device with a private space nearby, women get to their very personal “business”. Tweezing can even become addictive.

The name of the instrument used to accomplish this work rhymes with “freezer”. Yes, you know the name of the tool! It is the infamous “Tweezer”. It is so small it can fit anywhere. It’s so inexpensive you can buy 10 of them and place them in different locations, and it’s so convenient it beats any cream or other tool by far in, #1 time spent, #2 gadgetry needed, #3 location availability, and #4 storage space. With all the benefits of tweezing you can understand why shaving would be the least popular, and the last alternative method women would secretly resort to in accomplishing their most undercover work.

But please be assured, however, that shaving holds a very high ranking on the Hair Removal “Richter Scale”. In its magnitude, it is right up there with tweezing. I should know because shaving was my favorite method until I found out about . . . The Best Kept Secret Today!

What is this Best Kept Secret Today? E L E C T R O L Y S I S.

E L E C T R O L Y S I S is the best kept secret today for the following reasons. It’s the non-laser solution to permanent hair removal – And, it is an “Equal Opportunity” hair removal technology.

E L E C T R O L Y S I S does not discriminate - black, gray, red or blond hairs; thin, curly, thick or ingrown hairs; tanned, cinnamon or chocolate color skin - no matter the hair type and color, and no matter the length, and no matter the skin color, this centuries-old technology will eliminate ALL of your hair permanently.

To learn more about this state-of-the-art technology visit under Electrolysis, or

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