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Three Tips To Improve Your Future Health

Don’t you love it when you are putting together a puzzle and you finally find THAT missing piece of the puzzle you are searching for? Sometimes our life and our health can be like a puzzle we are trying to put together but are unable to because of a missing piece or two.

I remember when I figured out that taking care of my unique body, and frame was a spiritual responsibility. That was my missing piece. Once I found that “health” piece of the puzzle, it changed everything! From then on, I chose to live my life honoring my body’s intelligence. I went to nutritional coaching school, and I now spend my time helping others learn how to improve their future health. I say future health because the only way to get to our future health is by the small, consistent, intelligent choices we make everyday. Being an eternal student and researcher, I am amazed at how much I continually learn from those I help along this path as I become their partner in health. When I observe them acquire the skills and proper tools and strategies needed to gain control of their health, I feel much satisfaction. Following are a few tips for you to consider this month.

Love Yourself More

Starting today, LOVE and CARE for yourself MORE -More than anything else in your life; more than your children, grandchildren, your husband, career or anything else. Loving and caring for you MORE does not have to minimize what you feel and do for those you love dearly. It can only bring MORE balance into your life. It will bring MORE respect into your life because when you love and respect yourself, people will have an idea of what love and respect for SELF is, whereas otherwise, they will have no blueprint or map to guide them on how YOU would like to be treated. In doing this you will be imparting wisdom and knowledge to yourself and others who know you. You will subtly and subliminally even be teaching them how, not, to disrespect you. Imagine you, expressing more love to yourself than you have for your children and grandchildren!! Nothing could beat that love because loving our children the way we do as Moms and Grand Ma’s is the ultimate love here on Earth for Mothers!! So, picture having THAT strong, unconditional love . . . but for you yourself!!

Feed Yourself Love

Consider yourself a delicate yet incredible living being and feed yourself more exquisitely than you feed anyone else. (Emotionally first, then physically, spiritually, mentally, intellectually, and any other way.) In nutritional health coaching school, I learned about Primary Food and Secondary Food. Primary Food is everything that we do not put into our mouth to eat, but feeds us – our relationships, our spiritual life, our work, our service to others, the things we love. Secondary Food is everything we literally eat, that nourishes us, or does not nourish us and makes us sick. You will want to FEED yourself as much Primary Food as possible, with all of its love nutrients to help you reach your best health goals, and be in a better position to choose quality Secondary Food that will sustain your future health.

Be AWARE of all things having to do with your incomparable body

As you advance in age and plan for your next chapter in life, you will do yourself a great favor being AWARE of all things having to do with yourself - your body, your thoughts, your words, your personal space, your posture, your boundaries - in fact, your overall health and wellbeing which will bring you to your best healthier future.

Being AWARE will at least minimize the sad statistics and future reality many of us WILL be facing - to a greater or lesser degree. Being AWARE will allow you to choose from two realities. Reality #1 is the reality of sickness, countless medications, doctor visits, nursing home/rehabilitation stays, loss of memory, loss of an arm or foot, like in the case of diabetics, the loss of breathing due to lung disease, or a shortened life, due to Cancer or Heart Disease.; Reality #2 is the reality of a vibrant happy life, with most of your body intact and all your brain cells at work, allowing you to make your own daily choices (for example deciding what to do, what to eat, when to eat, where to live, and play, where to go, who to see, and how to think because, hopefully, you will have a healthy brain as your collaborator in daily life.

Below are some affirmations, or positive phrases, you can repeat throughout the upcoming weeks.

I CAN lose 10 pounds in 30 days.

I WILL eat consciously.

I LOVE myself, therefore I eat clean and healthy, and drink good quality water every day.

I LOVE myself, therefore I find ways to move and stretch my body to keep it healthy and flexible.

I LOVE myself, therefore I talk and treat myself with respect and admiration every day for all things I do well, and not so well.

The trick here is to attach good positive emotions and feelings as you say these phrases. Try looking in the mirror and saying these positive phrases. You can even download a recording app to your device and record your own voice talking kindly to YOU. The reason for this is that studies show that the brain and body believe everything you tell it - whether positive or negative. You may want to pick up a book entitled, “Your Body Believes Every Word You Say” as an additional resource in your quest for better health.

Now, go out and do something advantageous, courageous, or even outrageous, for your future health. If you need help, please contact anyone on our team by going to

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