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Health Conversations

It’s December 2019! Where has time gone?

Between tending to clients, taking courses on public speaking, leadership and learning Facebook marketing, PR and branding, my plate has been quite full the past few months.

When I think back on all the things accomplished this year, I am so grateful for my HEALTH! My good health is what has allowed me to do all the things mentioned above and much more, with great passion, happiness and appreciation. In having good health, “a little goes a long way." A little every day grows health - exponentially.

What will a healthy body and mind afford you to do this coming year? How will you meet your healthy weight goals in order to feel comfortable in your own skin? Will you be able to get rid of the headaches, body pain, and sluggishness which makes you drag yourself out of bed each morning?

Going back to the phrase “a little goes a long way”, the little I’m referring to here is related to food choices, eating, and let’s not forget drinking - our favorite past times - and my favorite subjects to teach everyday in addition to Self-care and Prevention.

I’ve been thinking much about “prepping” these days, and how a little planning, a little cooking, a little replacing this with that, a little more "healthy" water drinking, and saying “No” to ourselves at times, can grow our health. Consider too that talking with a Lifestyle coach, or a trusted friend, could make all the difference in our future health, and “a little going a long way.”

Another year is right around the corner and if we don’t start improving our lifestyle habits right now . . . today . . . at this very moment, chances of reversing some of the damage we’ve already caused our body in the past 20, 30 or 40 years will surely come back to haunt us, and sometimes with a vengeance. It does not have to be this way.

We all know the statistics. They appear like a banner right before us every day. A loved one, a friend, a relative, a past schoolmate, colleague or television personality - the common denominator all too often being a heart attack, cancer diagnosis, Diabetes, Obesity, or death due to opioids. These are the BIG ones. What can we do to NOT reach that point, or minimize the probability? If we personally concentrate in being pro-active and doing all we CAN DO about these big ones, our efforts can very possibly eliminate or drastically reduce the less severe ones.

You might ask, “Where do I start?” “Can I really improve my health?” Where can I go? My response would be, Why not start with a conversation? Talking is therapeutic, de-stressing, and a safe way to release tension and control or redirect anger. Talking with the right person allows us an opportunity to be honest with ourselves in a safe space. Be accepted and provided the dignity to grow in health and happiness.

2020 can be a year of change and growth for you. We invite you to keep up with us via our Facebook page, website and blogs. The Absolutely Healthy Living Center will be starting something new in collaboration with and the support of Plumb Memorial Library in Shelton, Connecticut. The “Health Conversations” series, will be our way of sharing how we can all become healthier one step at a time, in the spirit of “a little goes a long way.” Taking small steps, doing “a little at a time” - slow and steady, if you will - is by far the best way of improving our physical, emotional and spiritual health. It has a compounding effect like nothing else. It can truly make you rich in the areas that really matter.

We will be sharing successful, life changing stories of ordinary people like you and me which will motivate all of us to set healthier goals that can lead to a healthier weight, a happier life, and a feeling of accomplishing all that is good. Participating in “Health Conversations” beginning February 2020 at Plumb Memorial Library, is a stepping stone to taking control of your life and health. Come listen, learn, and choose a Healthy Living path this coming year.

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