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Lifestyle Changes Are Saving Lives


As a nutritional Health Coach people’s health success stories inspire the work I do. While on Dr. Ornish’s website recently listening to him speak about his next research study on Alzheimer’s, I came across some of his patient’s success stories and wanted to share some of them with you. I hope they inspire you to action.

“We have seen patients with hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and even depression that within 2-3 weeks have seen reversals. We see decreases in blood pressure and in their sugar levels. We see improvements in their mental outlook.” (a doctor’s comment)

“My doctor told me that he had taken me as far as he could, that there was no more medicine or further procedures to help me. With this new lifestyle program I started, in the very first week, the neuropathy in my legs disappeared; I was seeing changes I could not have imagined. I’ve lost 19 pounds and I am able to do things I’ve not been able to do for years. I feel amazing! “ (a patient’s story)

“I was involved in a car accident that precipitated a heart attack that dropped my cardiac function to 11-15% of what it should have been. It caused me chest pain, trouble breathing, and the inability to walk from room to room. I was offered a heart transplant as the only way to stay alive. Despite not believing in the new lifestyle program offered me, it worked beyond my wildest dreams. I am now able to exercise moderately and can work full-time.”(a patient’s story)

Have you heard stories like these? More and more people today are taking control of their health. Are you READY to take accountability and change your lifestyle habits?

Client and patient experiences like these excite me! It’s what keeps me focused and committed to educating my clients who are seeking ways to take better care of themselves, and minimize their chronic symptoms. Using strategies like counseling and mindset techniques, which can be learned, I offer clients, and audiences I speak to a chance to discover ways to redirect their health course. These incredible stories are evidence of our body’s amazing healing potential which is what I teach.

Another reason for my excitement is that, more than any other time in history we have the science to back up these health-recovery claims. There is clear evidence, through scientific research at our fingertips. Dr. Dean Ornish, (who I mentioned earlier) is a physician, researcher and founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, CA. He is a clinical professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. The above comments are from real patients like you and I. They have improved their quality of life by taking personal responsibility and participating in Dr. Ornish’s lifestyle programs using a Wholefoods, plant-based way of eating.

As part of my ongoing professional training, I practice self-care and prevention on a daily basis. I stay current on the latest peer-reviewed published articles and materials on nutrients that promote age-reversal, longevity and prevention. Like Dr. Ornish, I’m passionate about promoting quality of life. We know that the quality of food we eat, and the water we drink, is directly related to the quality of life we live. It is our quality of life, which truly makes our life happier and worth living. Spring is a wonderful season to take charge of improving your lifestyle habits. The weather, daylight savings time, and farmers markets in many towns all work in your favor.

More than ever before, we’re faced with very important health decisions and lifestyle choices to make. The choices we make every day can impact our life and those we love - positively or negatively. Now is the time to take inventory of your daily habits and food choices. As the common quote by Hypocrites says, “Let food by thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”. By choosing living foods regularly, you can re-train your taste buds. You can re-train your taste buds to be more receptive to living foods instead of toxic and chemically processed foods that create addiction, illness and chronic disease. I am offering a free Lifestyle Consultation, which will show you how to start changing your taste buds, and feeling and looking better .

We look forward to continuing our Healthy Living Series program with Plumb Memorial Library, in Shelton, CT. The next series topic is The Benefits of Plant-Based Eating and Cooking where I’ll demonstrate tools that can be used to easily prepare healthy and delicious plant-based recipes. You will find this to be a fun, educational, and interactive program, so please stay tuned in.

Together We Can Improve The Quality Of Your Life.

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