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In The Land of Corona Virus - Part 1

I’ve been reading about the Corona Virus since April of this year, mainly for my own protection and as a prevention strategy. Much continues to be uncovered, written, and discussed regarding COVID-19. Some of it is true, some is exaggerated, and some is suspicious.

I feel I have a personal responsibility to protect the people I love and those I work with, and a moral duty of providing accurate and updated information to my clients. With this in mind, I wanted to share some new information I’ve come across in the past months, things I continue to learn that work for me, also the protocols I follow - knowing of course many of you are doing your best in keeping informed and safe.

I see the wisdom of wearing a mask in public places, and sometimes indoors. I practice social distancing, disinfect surface areas often, as well as wash hands. My work sometimes requires I wear a face shield, mask and gloves. I keep my masks in a plastic bag for cleanliness, and I carry extra ones to share with others. I believe the Corona Virus is real. I believe it is a strong strain of virus, and that we’re faced with a challenging global situation unlike anything we have ever experienced.

I also believe the science. I may not believe the government officials, or the numbers they come up with - which may or may not be exaggerated. But, I believe it when I hear people of all ages - especially older ones or those with underlying medical conditions, the obese and others less fortunate ones, are suffering and dying, including children.

It is undeniable. So, “I do believe”. I also believe that much is still unknown. I know of people who were not necessarily sick or compromised and followed the protocols but have contracted COVID. From some I hear it is not pretty! I will spare you the details. I also hear that according to statistics, 40% of us are asymptomatic. That is scary.

A long time ago, I learned from well-informed people, that to combat and minimize sickness and chronic disease, I had to take control of my health – in other words, take personal responsibility. I’ve been doing that for more than 20 years, and it works. You too can do this, and the Number One way to start is by changing and improving your life habits and practicing Self-Care.

Number two is be aware of the importance of maintaining a robust immune system. Being aware will lead you to - and contribute greatly - in building up your immune system, which is responsible for protecting your body from harmful invaders like bacteria, viruses, fungi, toxins and other chemicals that may cause you to get ill - in a minute. The better protected and stronger your immune system is, the less your chances of contracting infections and other diseases, in “The Land of Corona Virus”. Contrary to popular belief, you DO have a choice, and a degree of control. If you exercise that inalienable right, your entire body can only BE-ne-FIT.

Number three is knowing what other people who are living healthier, vibrant lives are doing, then following that health formula. Number four is keeping up with the latest information and research in the fields of Prevention and Lifestyle Medicine, or at least be friends with someone who is doing so. We may not be able to control the spread of the Corona Virus or what other people around us do, but we can control our own personal health outcomes by practicing COVID prevention guidelines, learning self-care, and improving lifestyle habits.

Something simple we can all do is, drink fresh, clean water. Our body is an ocean of water covered by the “land” of our skin. I thought of this description after reading the book “Quench” by Dana Cohen, an Integrative Medicine doctor in New York, and Gina Bria, an anthropologist trained at Columbia University. The book takes the most current research on hydration from scientists all over the country, and the world, and puts it in language easily understood, with examples of case studies that reveal the amazing benefits and results of proper hydration. I gleaned much from their research and case studies.

I learned that while we are two-thirds water - molecularly speaking we are 99% water. Also, that bottled water is not the solution to hydration that many may think. I found it interesting when reading that plastic water bottles have a dark side.

Did you know that it takes three liters of water to produce one liter bottle of water? And that bottled water costs as much as $10 per gallon compared to less than a penny per gallon for tap water. The reason this information is important is because it's been discovered that water used in bottled water is tap water incognito. ( And what about the fact that fourteen percent of all litter and waste comes from beverage containers!

You might be one who says, “I drink plenty of water.” But how do you know if you are getting the needed hydration? The following questions may lead you to a surprising answer. Hint: it’s all about intracellular absorption.

Do you feel constipated?

Do you feel muscle stiffness?

Do you have headaches?

Are your eyes dry?

Is your breath bad?

Is your urine dark yellow?

When you pinch your skin on top of the hand, does it bounce right back to its normal shape?

I agree with, and quote, from the first chapter of the book these words: “Your level of hydration impacts the strength of your immune system, the elasticity of your skin, your energy level, how easily you can move, and your body’s overall resistance to aging and disease. It even determines how good you feel when you get up in the morning.” I agree with this quote because I have experience these benefits, in one way, or another, through the years.

In my next blog, I’ll reveal a hydration method I’ve practiced for years, and my surprise upon reading the research and explanations by Dr. Cohen and Gina Bria.

Drink to your good health in “The Land of Corona Virus”.

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