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Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Dear Reader,

A ruler measures lines. A compass points a direction, and a map shows positioning.

All are essential tools for accomplishing or reaching for something – whether it’s outlining a path, setting a goal, or getting to your destination.

Recapping accomplishments can help us measure our progress; know what direction we are heading in; and reveals how close we are to our destination.

I hear more and more conversations these days about self-care, lifestyle choices, and improving eating habits. This tells me people want to take action but may find they lack the tools, the skill set, or maybe even the motivation to accomplish what they want.

I am no different than any of you. Although I have been living this lifestyle for many years, I sometimes fall off the wagon too. But, I don’t stay there. I quickly – and sometimes not so quickly – pick myself up and start right where I left off.

So, for all those struggling out there, please never give up. Never be complacent, and never stay down. Get right on up. There is a lot you CAN do to take care of yourself in 2022 and beyond!!

This letter to you includes some tools I’ve used, and habits I continue to practice which help me stay on course.

Self-care, whether weight-loss, exercising, or finding “quiet time” - is a life project, a process, a journey. It’s one of those things in life where you see results gradually when you put your mind to it, and when you are ready. Slow and steady. It’s ok to fall off the wagon. That is normal. You don’t want to stay there, though. You want to pick yourself up and continue on your journey.

I believe in you. You’re kind and generous. You work hard, You help so many along your way. It’s time to think of YOU now.

The best exercise you can do is what I call “fork to mouth”. What you put in your mouth matters. The second best is exercising your thinking. In other words, you want to examine your internal vocabulary, the words you speak or say to yourself in the privacy of your thoughts – where nobody can hear your negative complaints.

Finally, you want to exercise kindness. Toward YOURSELF! And HONESTY. Be honest and truthful with yourself – in writing!! Start an Honesty Journal for 12 months as a measuring tool to get to know yourself better, and your Accomplishments clearer.

Tips For 2022

Eat less, eat lean, eat green, and eat clean.

Drink more clean water.

Instead of going out to eat, go out to play.

Instead of going out to eat, go out and do an activity – oil painting, skating, running, dancing.

Instead of going out to eat, take an online Health class.

Instead of “curbside” do“on the side”.

Learn simple home cooking.

Learn to say NO to yourself - No to toxic foods - No to drinking (alcohol, coffee, soda - four times a day).

Learn to measure the water you drink. - the saying goes, ”The solution to pollution is dilution".

Learn to write a daily food journal.

Learn to track your PooP.

Practice Self-Control in all things.

Do walking, lightweights, running, jumping, hula-hooping. (Start with 10 minutes).

Be Consistent & Persistent.

Don’t think the journey has to be “Perfect”.

If you think you can – YOU WILL. If you think you can’t – YOU WON’T.

Keep in mind that the eating habits of others can become your eating habits. So pay close attention to what you eat and protect yourself of unhealthy habits. Give yourself the gift of Self-Care and help those you love do the same.

I’m here to answer any questions you have.


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