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Celebrating 20 Years

Updated: May 18, 2022

Are you celebrating an anniversary this year? If so, congratulations! I hope you celebrate many, many more. Whether one, five, ten, or fifteen, I’m sure you have grown into a different person than you were when you started out, and you have learned much in the process. You have put the effort, sweat and tears into building your brand, which you are now celebrating. Or, building the life you are now living.

You recognize that In order to stick with growing something, a certain set of skills had to be acquired. And you diligently discovered, step by step, the tools needed to complete your unique project. More importantly, you have not forgotten those who offered their help or cheered you along the way.

Twenty years ago, I started building something new when I graduated from the The New England Institute of Electrology ( EINE) as a Licensed Electrologist in the state of Connecticut. Much has happened since then.

In what seemed like a blink of an eye, I was celebrating my 10-year anniversary at the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce. Then, in 2014 I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Holistic Health Coach because I wanted to help people in a different way. Yes, I wanted to offer more.

I honestly never imagined I would be here today writing a 20-year anniversary blog and reviewing the timeline and trajectory of years full of growth and accomplishments - in life and in business.

I started out providing a service, but after years of hard work, getting out of my comfort zone, and never giving up, ended with gaining lots of business experience and personal enrichment that allows me to operate two separate businesses in one, and change how I live and contribute in life.

BUT YOU . . . you no doubt have also learned some valuable lessons in your life/or business journey that have defined you and shaped you into the person you have become! Can you name some of them? If you haven’t taken stock lately, I invite you to make a list like the one I’ve come up with. You might be surprised at all you have initiated and completed!

In a moment of reflection the other day, I asked myself what was it that helped me grow my business to what it is today. As I started writing the list you see below, I was surprised to have come up with twenty items. What an interesting coincidence that I am celebrating twenty years, and came up with twenty things that helped me along the way. I’d like to share them with you. Please bear with me . . . There are twenty items!

How I reached 20 Years In Business

  1. Hard work

  2. Getting out of my comfort zone

  3. Building partnerships and collaborating with others

  4. Asking for help

  5. Accepting constructive criticism

  6. Listening when others speak

  7. Taking chances and calculated risks

  8. Having a desire to help others succeed

  9. Appreciation of all things and people who helped me along the way

  10. Investing money when I didn’t have it

  11. Treating clients with respect

  12. Practicing honesty in all things

  13. Being professional at all times

  14. Having a sense of humor

  15. Feeling the Fear, and doing it anyway

  16. Dressing up for success

  17. Taking care of my health

  18. Becoming a Life Learner

  19. Never giving up

  20. Seeing myself already there

I am very thankful to everyone of you who has participated in the dance that I have choreographed my business journey to be (You see, I love dancing and choreography, and refer to my life as a dance often). You have been loyal clients, supporters, perhaps advisers, or friends. You have put trust in me and have celebrated with me. Thank You.

I am grateful to work in a healthy environment where all collaborate together and bring their expert knowledge to the table on which we serve those . . . . looking for an out-of-the-ordinary experience, and result, . . . or those seeking to heal holistically in their respective areas of living.

I want to thank Dr. Stephanie Soalt for choosing to join us as a collaborator back in 2017 when the Center was created, and for supporting the “Center” concept with all her positive energy, experience and expertise. Doctor Stephanie continues to grow her Naturopathic practice and has recently become part of a non profit organization - The SuperYou FUNdation - whose mission is to help youths discover and then celebrate the superhero qualities within themselves, and others, so that they are inspired to positively impact their communities. How great is that!

And, what can I say about Miriam Wardzala. Miriam is my right hand person. Miriam has an Architectural Design background. She positions herself behind the scenes with this quiet energy, applying her office management skills and technical expertise so I can do what I do. Together we are a creative duo. We work as a team continually to create the Center’s calming and peaceful ambiance that so many persons love when they first come in. I could not do what I do without her creative efforts. And, what about Devin, who comes in the role of an intern and helps with special projects. He fits in perfectly among us women. All of you are very special.

Below you will find a timeline delineating our growth and progress since 2002.

I want to end by saying that Shelton, Connecticut was the right place at the right time for all of this to have taken place. Thank you Shelton, Connecticut.

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2002 Rented a small office space at the Pierpont Commons Building in Shelton, Connecticut. Absolutely Permanent Hair Removal Clinic opened for business.

2003 Expanded my square footage and went from one room to a treatment room and a waiting area.

2008 Almost gave up the business due to the economic climate at the time. But instead, decided to work a little harder and smarter.

2010 Joined Powerful You - a Women’s Networking Group and Monica Leggett as facilitator.

2011 Became a published author in a Women’s anthology book - “Empowering Transformations for Women” by writing The Hero In My Life - a transformational story of triumph over a past that kept her as its prisoner.

Interviewed by WTNH Channel 8 about her story, The Hero In My Life.

Interviewed on the Powerful You! Podcast to discuss what led her to write her story to an audience of women who may have a future story to tell.

2012 Book signing event at Plumb Memorial Library program “Breathe Deep” and the opportunity to recite “Once Upon A Transformation”.

2014 Graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Holistic Health Coach with the idea of offering healthy living solutions to her existing hair removal clients.

2016 Enrolled in the IIN’s Advance Business Course for Health Coaches with the intention of creating a healthy living center upon the completion of the course work, which happened the following year.

2017 Expanded the business and square footage - by adding three additional offices and creating The Absolutely Healthy Living Center, keeping the hair removal clinic as a separate entity in the Center.

Dr. Stephanie Soalt, Naturopathic Doctor and Creative Arts Therapist who wanted to grow her practice joined the Absolutely Healthy Living Center as a collaborator.

2021 Enrolled in Full Body Systems, a year long Functional Nutrition Counseling course in order to advise, educate and train persons who are ready, learn how to use food as medicine and form strong healthy living habits, and believe that . . . "YOU can achieve it if YOU truly believe it and want it."

2022 Celebrating 20 years in business and looking forward to serving more clients by continuing to offer valuable content, step by step guidance, and everyday stories of transformation that will teach clients it is possible to improve lifestyle habits and have fun while learning from those who are already doing it.


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