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Eat Less, Eat Lean, Eat Green and Eat Clean

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Do you find it challenging to eat less?

How can you possibly eat lean?

Is there an easy way to eat greens?

What IS eating clean, anyway?

Eating less, and lean - green and clean, is not what comes natural for most of us. But, it is the smart way to eat. In the book, Food Rules – An Eaters Manual by Michael Pollan, the Contents page reads as follows:


What should I eat?

(Eat food)


What kind of food should I eat?

(Mostly plants)


How should I eat?

(Not too much)

The short, 140 pages of valuable information is divided into three parts and explains an interesting way of looking at food and eating, starting with three facts.

Fact #1

Populations that eat a Western diet, a diet consisting of lots of processed foods and meat, lots of added fat and sugar, lots of refined grains, suffer from high rates of the so-called Western diseases: obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. They are the top four chronic killers in America.

Fact #2

Populations eating a remarkably wide range of traditional diets generally don’t suffer from these diseases. Mr. Pollan mentions the Inuit in Greenland, the Indians in Central America, and the Massai Tribesmen in Africa.

Fact #3

This one is the very hopeful fact that flows from the above two: People who get off the Western diet see dramatic improvements in their health. The New York Times best-selling author mentions there is plenty of good research that proves it and refers us to his previous book, In Defense of Food.

I liked the book, Food Rules, because it is easy to read, makes a lot of sense, and gives ideas we can easily implement. Reading this book and a few other ones last year helped me set a serious intention for 2022.

For years I have avoided taking medication for my physical ills and pursued natural remedies, and I continue to do so. Lately, my issues are stomach-related and anxiety attacks. (I believe that applies to 80% of the population, but they are not aware of it). I don’t want to take medications, so as of January first I have given up coffee, gluten, and dairy. So far, so good. Not easy, but I allow myself a slice of bread or the equivalent per day (if needed).

Since I stopped having coffee, I consume less sugar. Avoiding gluten has also helped me consume less sugar, and be creative in my search for non-gluten foods. (Don't be fooled though, just because it says "gluten free" does not make it a healthier option). Be an informed consumer; become a food detective.

Dairy is hard because I love ice cream. However, I am not completely at a loss, because there is "rice cream" and other non-dairy sources of ice cream to choose from - but only as needed. I’ll be charting my progress and sharing this experience with my readers while eating less, eating lean, eating green, and clean.

My long-term goal is to stay off as many foods that lead to the chronic conditions Mr. Pollan mentions in his book and help you, the reader, do the same. I have proven that to myself already. Eating less will no doubt help my digestive challenges, and reduce anxiety attacks. A healthy weight gives you a leaner you and less weight for your feet to carry. It will also allow for more flexibility.

I will continue enjoying green vegetables and smoothies, and keeping clean of pesticides and chemicals in refined and processed foods that are making us sick, fat, and taking more medications than the body can handle, or needs.

On Monday, March 7, 2022 at 7 p.m. I will be sharing information from the book "Food Rules" for those interested in picking up a few healthier tips to put into practice this year. This will be a Zoom presentation, and information will be posted soon to those who are signed up on the Healthy Living Blog and on my facebook page.

Become the Master of your health and live a happier life by setting your own serious intentions for 2022. You can do this!


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