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Heal & Grow Rich



you might say.

Well, , , you start by “thinking”.

Yes! Thinking of areas you would like to improve!

Here are some areas I have thought of in the past. Body intelligence and emotional intelligence; body movement and body image. Positive thinking and brain work. What about heart health and mental fitness? These are all great areas to start your healing and growing rich journey.

Like the saying “April showers bring May flowers”, a “Healing” journey can bring many showers but in a different sense. In the form of worthwhile accomplishments, better relationships, surprising results, innumerable skills, and great insights. Growth, growth, and more growth. And . . . It can begin at any time in your life - like the month of April.

I like to divide my year into quarters. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. April is in the second quarter of the year, and it’s still early in the year to start healing and growing richer.

“It’s commonly believed that the word “April” refers to the season trees and flowers begin to “open” or bloom.” Those who were born in April have a diamond as their birthstone. And Spring will roll out many beautiful, colorful flowers. All amazing reasons to choose April as a time to heal and grow rich.

Remember, you start by “thinking”, and then writing down areas in your life you want to start healing and growing. You may want to improve your thoughts, move your body more, start a detox program, or read a health book, like “Food Rules - An Eater’s Manual” which I discussed on my Zoom presentation in March, for ideas on how to eat more consciously.

If someone asked me what is the best relationship one can have. Hands down, I would say - other than a relationship with God - it would have to be having a healthy relationship with Self. A good relationship with Self will allow you to have better relations with others. Why not start a relationship with your “Self” today by choosing to heal and grow your body in one way or another? Yes, To enrich it!

Habits” is a popular topic these days, isn’t it? And many books have been written on the subject. The word habit, like the word healing, begins with the letter “H”. When you put them together, you get Healing Habit. Why not make Healing your habit? Why not make April your Healing Habits month?

Every year, for my birth month - July - I have a habit of setting a heathy weight goal. I sometimes meet the goal and sometimes I don’t. The year before last I did not. Last year I met it. This year I continue to work on it. Why? Because I want to be accountable for my health, which includes my body image, healthy self-esteem, and mental and emotional wellness - all great areas to heal and grow rich.

Self-control is another habit I practice every day of the year - August through July - because it helps me get results one day at a time. I choose to go against the current of what is practiced today, and self-control helps me to continue riding against this very dangerous, out of control, “unhealthy habits” current we are all swimming in. This is another area in which you can heal and grow rich.

This year I started with the intention of healing and growing rich by avoiding coffee, gluten, and dairy. I know, very ambitious. Here is an update. No, I haven’t given up. I continue with my intention of avoiding coffee, gluten, and dairy. But, I must confess, it has not been easy. I did pretty good in January, February, and March. But then . . .

At the beginning of April something happened. I had a craving for coffee one morning, AND . . . I really didn’t want to go back to my past coffee-drinking habit! But, this gray, rainy morning, I happened to see a small jar of Folgers instant coffee crystals on my kitchen counter that a dear friend had left the last time a few of us got together. I was tempted, Yes! I unscrewed the top and took a whiff. Mmm! It smelled really good! Not as good as the espresso I’m used to drinking, but good enough to want to taste it. Very slowly and with a guilty expression on my face, (as if someone were watching me) I took a half teaspoon of the coffee crystals and added it to 8 ounces of boiling water. It tasted so hot and so good! To my surprise, I only needed 2 ounces to satisfy my craving! That was all I needed!

I have learned an important lesson by setting intentions. By setting an intention, I set myself up for “success” in healing and growing rich. I have something to work toward that will improve my health . . . and my wealth. The fact that I set an “intention” and not just a wish or a goal, was a great investment toward the “positive outcome” I wanted to get. I will continue to set “intentions” as a conscious choice to reap better results and continue healing and growing rich. And . . . I - hope - you - do - too!

I don’t dwell on the coffee incident much, but instead, I continue with my intention for the year with the understanding that a Healing and Growing Rich journey is a zig and zag process, but always zigging and zagging forward.

S T A R T “ H E A L I N G “ A N D “G R O W I N G R I C H” I N A P R I L

This blog is different than all previous blogs because I have recorded it in case any one would like to listen to it. You can listen Here.


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