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Once Upon A Transformation

Once upon a transformation, I found myself in this expansive room!

Once upon a transformation, I felt a strange sensation on my back but oh too soon!

Once upon a transformation, the ground beneath my feet moved as I soared!

The strange sensation that I felt, were of the wings that suddenly behind I bore!

And, I soared, and soared, and soared, my thoughts transformed to feelings, and feelings turned to words, the words became the phrases that revealed a brand new song. The song and peaceful melody became my new life’s script.

You see, Transformations happen every day. Transformations happen as life lessons shape us and stretch us and mold us into the amazing persons we’ll become - If ….We Let Them. Transformations happen as we allow ourselves to grow and sharpen; As we give ourselves permission, to change our poor and weak condition; and, as we choose courageously to enter that dark tunnel self-hatred once erected; and begin to strip ourselves of years of shame, and guilt, and fear. Then, finally make peace with the phantom of our past. Transformations happen as we look our skeletons without fear straight in the eye. As we tackle the demons that bound us in submission, and embrace our true life in transition.

Transformations are metamorphoses. What kind of butterfly will you become? What color and design will fit you best? I chose emerald green. The green a praying mantis proudly wears. The green a blade of grass sways in the air. The green a luxuriant, thousand year old tree poses in for the camera of nature. What color and design will fit you best? Will it be multicolored? Or will it be bright or subtle? Only you will know as your own transformation you behold. And then, one precious day you will also know...when you’re ready to debut… your new found colors on YouTube.

My wish for you today Is this. That you give yourself permission, please, to start the journey and your mission, so that you can share your vision and YOUR new life’s script, YOUR new enchanting song, YOUR new radiant colors that others might READ along, and SING along, and COLOR along with you in Life’s Awesome Playground.


Once Upon A Transformation is a poem I wrote in 2012 around the same time my story, “A Hero in My Life” was published in the women’s anthology book - Empowering Transformations for Women.

I recited it for the first, and only time, at a women’s program I participated in at the Shelton Plumb Memorial Library.

Writing and publishing my personal story remains for me one of the best accomplishments in life. It was truly life-changing. But the poem was an added bonus that came along with it. It was pleasantly downloaded into my heart and mind as part of that amazing writing experience, and has been quietly tucked away in my “Treasures” vault for 10 years.

I will always remember the words someone once spoke, which resonated with me when I first heard them, and still speak loud to me today.

If it is worth living, it’s worth writing.

I hope to continue writing as I continue living. Because, who’s to say if we may be the small mirror (broken or not) someone picks up one day and starts discovering a better Self, a better reason, or a better way of belonging? Who’s to say? ~ ~


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