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The Land of Corona Virus Part 2

It’s been four months since I wrote “In The Land Of Corona Virus Part 1”. I am grateful for the past four months because I have been busy helping others and growing in the process.

The global pandemic continues to take its toll and many are going through tough challenges. Perhaps you personally know persons who are unemployed, or in the hospital due to Corona symptoms and complications. Parents helping children with distance learning, many dealing with grief due to a loss in the family, others being in lock-down once again, and curfews and early closings being established as a protection. When we turn on our televisions, we hear of businesses closing, employee layoffs, infection numbers increasing, hospital emergency rooms filling up, and mobs demonstrating in the streets for their rights to not wear masks, or about the election results. Most recently we’ve seen the shift in television news reports covering the approval of the new vaccine and the challenges with it.

We need to set all that aside and concentrate on our personal wellbeing and self-care so we can help those we love. You can find a number of ways to improve your health outcomes by referring to part one of this two-part blog where I talk about the benefits of keeping your immune system robust. The importance of the gut’s role in our health is more evident today than ever before, and the science published in reputable medical journals is proof of it.

One way we can maintain a strong immune system is by taking in the nutrients that can combat the toxins attacking us daily. Hydrating with vegetables is one way to do that.

Hydrating With Vegetable Juices

Here are some examples of top hydrating veggies and their water content percent mentioned by Dr. Cohen in her book “Quench – Beat Fatigue, Drop Weight, and Heal Your Body Through the New Science of Optimum Hydration.”

Cucumbers 96.7%; Romaine lettuce 95.6%; Celery 95.4; Radishes 95.3%; Zucchini 95.3%; Tomatoes 94.5%; Peppers 93.9%; Cauliflower 92.1%; Spinach 91.4%; Broccoli 90.7%; Carrots 90%; Sprouts 86.5%.

The first time I heard of vegetable juicing was in the late 1970’s from a couple of Jamaican Rastafarians who had a popular veggie juice stand near where I studied. I saw the green liquid for the first time, and it was not at all appealing! I agreed to try the orange-colored one, the carrot juice, and it was delicious! Like zealous Evangelists, they gave me information on the healing power of vegetable juicing whenever they saw me. I saved the information unaware that one day - 30 years later - I would be revisiting vegetable juicing. Thirty years caught up with me in what seemed like a flash and I now find myself in Connecticut.

Thirty Years and Counting

One day I had a healing experience with an acupuncturist/oriental herbalist – 20 years ago exactly. After that unusual encounter, I fell in love with natural medicine and I now spend much of my time researching nutritional healing. But it all started with learning about vegetable Juicing and its healing effect in my body.

Before meeting this oriental healer and acupuncturist I had debilitating Asthma. As incredulous as it may seem, after only two weeks, my symptoms disappeared and to this day I have not had another Asthma episode. That was life changing! I began retraining my taste buds, and little by little changed my eating habits. As a nutritional health coach I now regularly study the abundant and limitless sources of nutrients that Planet Earth grows for our healing and Well-care, as well as help others retrain their taste buds and change their eating habits.

I’ve discovered that Antioxidants are known to be one of the best sources of nutrients that boost our immune system. There is so much healing in them than is comprehensible. In future articles, I will be sharing with you what antioxidants are, how they do what they do, and what benefits there are for you in fighting viruses, reversing disease and slowing the aging process. Until then, try drinking your veggies, and if you need help feel free to reach out to us.

When health calls from within, inner wisdom whispers, “answer the call . . . answer the call”.

Do yourself a favor, answer the whisper.


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