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Two Humble Little Sprigs

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Once upon a time there were two humble little sprigs.

For centuries they grew and many enjoyed their potent brew. Its brew was strong and nutritious. Popular, healthy and delicious. Until the day arrived when all things would be so different.

Time travelled into a century, then two centuries caught up, as humans advanced in building, creating, and consuming many wants. They branched out far and wide, their thirst for knowledge unquenchably high. The grand prize, and the dangling carrot being Global Domination.

One day they intently fixed their eyes on two humble little sprigs. And decided to make them popular celebrities. This is the day the Big Experiment begins.

They would reproduce the sprigs much faster, redesign their inner structure, creating a magnetic attraction, AND an irresistible urge on taste buds round the world that would defy all understanding. Their magnificent discovery would bring the accolades of many.

In their secret labs far, far away, they began tinkering with the sprigs DNA, until it became what they envisioned on one very special day. The dream was closer to reality as time advanced to show its practicality, but not before infusing it, in EVERYTHING imbued, that future generations would enjoy its irresistible new brew.

Food was necessary for the masses who would beg, borrow, and steal, and would pay with buckets full of unhealthy sacrifices. They would pay more and more and more, as time went on, and on, and on, NOT being aware of The Secret Experiment set in motion way back when that gaze was first transfixed on two humble little sprigs.

No one had a clue of the inner health secrets the humble little sprigs no longer would release, once their DNA was tampered with. And nobody was curious to hear their true, final confession, because no one had an ear to pay close and full attention.

Neither did the masses have an inkling of the damaging, gradual outcome concealed in The Ambitious BIG Experiment which would very soon reveal that humanity’s survival through good Nutrition, and Healthy Choices, would one day soon tragically disappear.



Can you believe it!! We are living in the 23rd year of the 21st century! Unbelievable!

Many years and decades after, The Big Experiment I mention in the above poem. But the cat is out of the bag. Yes, the secret is out. The elephants in the many different rooms are being identified (and handcuffed) as we speak. And more and more research is proving the reality of what’s happening in many science laboratories worldwide as regards the manufacturing of genetically modified foods and their compromising effects. I’m referring particularly to wheat and sugar - the two humble little sprigs with their now famous new identities - Hybridized Wheat, and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) - The new (and suspicious) kids on the block, surrounded by a mob of fanatic sugar addicts - WE OURSELVES - of course.

The wheat and sugar we are ingesting today - that you and everyone around the global table is consuming daily - and in enormous quantities - is very different than what our ancestors knew many decades ago. And it is in everything we eat, in everything we drink, and lather on our skin. It is a hybrid form that differs in molecular structure than what was ingested in previous decades and centuries of history. Why is this important for you to know? Perhaps because the more aware we all are of what is in our food, and anything that touches our skin, the better choices we’ll make to preserve our health and well-being, and the better Masters of Our Health we’ll become.

Our bodies are rebelling. The global obesity epidemic impacting so many is proof of the rebellion of our bodies. Yes, our bodies are rebelling in silence from within but displaying the price tag from without, for all to see. Talk “Body Positivity” all you want, this is a much deeper subject than all the labels being given it, combined. Be assured, though, that this state of obesity is not your fault or my fault. The problem has much bigger implications, roots, and history than we can ever imagine - as I try to explain in the above poem.

Our bodies are rebelling against processed, non-food substances being produced and introduced with no controls, inducing our body systems to react negatively and causing dysregulation. Oxford Languages, Google’s Online English dictionary, states the definition of dysregulation as an abnormality or impairment in the regulation of a metabolic, physiological, or psychological process. Food Addiction is a dysregulation causing much impairment in our body systems metabolically, physiologically, and psychologically. And the research proves it.

These non-foods are being manufactured in science laboratories worldwide. Industrial Food Labs create them. Food Supply Outlets dispense them. The Media promotes them, and we run to our local supermarkets to purchase them to feed our families, unaware that The Big Experiment I mention in the above poem, is in full throttle, as we become more and more addicted, malnourished, and obese.

You may be one of many who would like to change your habits. You may wonder why you are gaining so much weight and unable to lose it. You may also wonder why you can’t stop eating the way you do. And, you may have given up the fight, believing you are not able to change your life habits and convinced it is a mission impossible. Well, I am here to tell you. “YOU CAN”. You can, you can, and you can. This mission IS possible!!

To fight an inner body rebellion, (whether you are aware that you are fighting it or not) as many today are, and protect yourself from the stealth invader foods hijacking your taste buds, you need protective gear and know how to use it. To fight against your body’s rebellion right now, you could use a map that shows you what is going on in there and what you can do to fix it. You could use a system that provides protective measures, and shields your main body organs from the unknown food villains attacking your body systems. You need a framework that helps identify the non-food substances entering through, as invisible poisoned arrows targeting the very heart of your health, and overwhelming your body with unbearable dis-ease and distress, and dysregulation.

You may want to register for next month's Zoom presentation. I will be leading a discussion describing tools and strategies you can use to win the battle against this rebellion that is silently taking place within your body. These tools and strategies can be the beginning of a journey that will protect your body, provide you with information, awareness, and the confidence needed to face the invisible assaults being delivered by the very foods you are being sold.

I invite you to start YOUR unique personal healing journey and fight against your body’s inner rebellion by registering for this April's Zoom presentation.


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