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Eat Your Water

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Did you know that your food can suck hydration out of you? Or, conversely, rehydrate you? Rehydrate you even more profoundly than water alone? For example, an apple with a bottle of water hydrates more than two bottles of water. Here’s how that works: The fibrous material in that apple serve as a sponge to help hold the moisture inside itself longer, and longer inside you. 

Here’s another example: if you reach for two apples instead of two slices of pizza . . . okay, unlikely, but how about one slice of pizza and one apple? You’ve just rebalanced your body’s inner calculations about how to spend energy digesting. Your body knows it’s going to get hydrating help from that apple. And you’ve just recharged your battery on the spot by taking in the electrical charge that comes with gel water from that apple. 

In case you did not know, pizza is dehydrating because it’s laden with the wrong kind of salt which makes you lose more fluid than you take in, which leaves the body with not enough fluid to carry out its other normal body functions. The salt content in cheese, tomato sauce, and deli meats are extremely dehydrating to our system. 

What is gel water? 

Emerging science in water research reveals that the water in our cells is a different type of water, and that it’s the same kind of water found in plants. Here is a list of water content found in some foods.

Cucumbers 96.7%

Romain lettuce 95.6%

Celery 95.4%

Spinach 91.4%

Broccoli 90.7%

Carrots 90%

Watermelon 91.4%

Strawberries 91%

Grapefruit 90.5%

Cantaloupe 90.2%

Pineapple 87%

Blueberries 85%

Apples 84%

Why is gel water beneficial? 

There is no denying it - water-rich foods are nutrient rich, packed with antioxidants, proteins and their amino acids, minerals and vitamins. They also carry nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, which activated by the electrical charge in water, are then known as electrolytes. But, what the new science has alerted us to is that water, full of those electrolytes, is also full of electrons that run our electrical function. Water conducts electricity not only for fuel, but for cognition, judgment, and mood. Remember that the quality of our hydration has everything to do with the quality of electrical conduction.

More to come in 2024.

* The above information is taken from the book Quench - Beat Fatigue, Drop Weight, And Heal Your Body Through the New Science of Hydration by Dana Cohen and Gina Bria. (One of my favorite books.)


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